Grattis Scooter! :D

Scooter Braun(Justins manager) fyller 30år idag :) Grattis till honom och jag tackar honom för att han hittade Justin på Youtube, om han inte hade hittat honom på Youtube hade det nu varit en sexig kanadensisk kille som går runt i Stratford :)

Twiiringar från Scooters underbara vänner:
Justin twittrade: the big day is here. you are an old man now @scooterbraun . lol. with love #HAPPYBIRTHDAYSCOOTER - let's party!
Pattie: I hope you have the best birthday ever @scooterbraun! You deserve it. Welcome to 30!!!!! Love love love. #happybirthdayscooter
Ryan: Happy birthday @scooterbraun you're a great man! Hope you have a great day and a rocking party! Wish I could have made it.

Alfredo: #HappyBirthdayScooter Celebration of the #GEMINIS tonight!! Can't wait!! Happy to call you a friend @Scooterbraun!

Kenny: Happy Birthday to my brother, best friend, and all around great guy @ScooterBraun welcome to the 30 club brother! Love you man!

Usher: @scooterbraun HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!...Get ready!

Tay aka DJ Tay James: Happy bday @scooterbraun
Carin(Scooters tjej): HAPPY 30th Birthday @scooterbraun I've spent 4 of the 30 with u & they have been the best 4 of my life. I love u more than tweets can say!

Jon(Regissör till never say never): 30 is so cool. @scooterbraun welcome to the club.

Scooter twittrar:
" gonna grab dinner with friend....bday almost here. feeling super blessed. happy with life. got alot to smile about. #greatfamilyandfriends "

" started off 30 with great friends...mexican food...good drink...and #BOBBYCORLISS - life aint bad. haha "

#soblessed "

" LOVE THE CRAP out of ALL OF U. Waking up feeling like this is the beginning of a new chapter...and Im ready. oh yeah. and we gonna PARTAE!!! "

" to all of you sending and @carinmb have been watching them and truly moved. All I ever want is to be a positive person. THANK U "

" trying 2 watch as many vids as we can. thank u all. really moved by all of this. promise to make the next chapter even more positive "

@CarinMB yeah u kinda make me look good. lol. I love you you sexy thang "

" success has nothing to do with money and everything to do with how you carry you treat the people u love and how they treat u "

" back on later. maybe not. but going to enjoy this #30yearoldSWAG with the fam. WE GOING TO PARTAE!! See. lol - "

Här kommer några video till Scooter från beliebers:
En bild på mig :) okej, ful bild... 


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