Bieber-logi ;)

BieberFact : When an unknown number calls Justin, he pretends to be a british girl(:

BieberFact : Justin has a couple posters of him in his bedroom

BieberFact : Justin has a sticker on his laptop that says "I like you better naked" (:

BieberFact : Justin get vitamin B12 shots in his butt.(:

BieberFact : Justin googles himself(:

BieberFact : Justin thinks its weird when moms asks for pictures w. him.

BieberFact : Justin says the craziest thing a fan has done was flash him(:

BieberFact : Justins New Years reselution was to stop eating so much candy(:

BieberFact : Justin is REALLY scared of spiders. 

BieberFact : Justin LOVES Big Macs(:

BieberFact : One time, Justin kissed a window and a fan on the other side kissed back(:

BieberFact : Justin once got an F on a quiz, but changed it to a B(:

BieberFact : Justin flips his hair when he gets nervous.

BieberFact : Justin said if you love animals, that a plus.

BieberFact : Justin loves tacos.

BieberFact : Justin wrote "Never Let You Go" for Caitlin. They broke up because he was traveling so much.

BieberFact : Justin once snuck out w. his friends to hang out w. some girls but the police brought him home & he got grounded !



Godnatt på er dåe ;)

Postat av: Anonym

va! vart hr han sagt att han stoppar medecin i rumpan?, gör han det??:P

2010-04-23 @ 17:22:19

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